VIRA DRONES and UASystems Collaborate on eZelos Air Taxi Project

VIRA DRONES is excited to announce a significant development in our partnership with UASystems. Our collaboration focuses on the eZelos air taxi project, which aims to enhance urban air mobility with innovative aerial vehicle designs.

Collaborative Efforts and Milestones

Recently, we achieved a new milestone by delivering essential manufactured spare parts for the eZelos project. This progress is a product of our ongoing partnership and our commitment to innovation in aviation technology. The project includes various models such as the Air-Taxi Manned and Ambulance Manned, all designed to comply with EASA CS-27 standards.

Looking Ahead

As VIRA DRONES and UASystems work together towards the certification and operational deployment of the eZelos, we remain committed to the project's success. We are focused on meeting the technical specifications and delivery schedules that will enable the practical use of the eZelos in urban environments.


Our collaboration with UASystems represents a key initiative in our mission to advance urban air mobility. We look forward to continuing this journey and sharing further updates as we progress.

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