VIRA “The Ark”

VIRA “The Ark” - universal air rescue platform against fires and floods

A prototype of big flying robot for rescuing people was presented on November 16-18 at the European Rotors exhibition in Cologne, Germany. The exhibition is dedicated to vertical air mobility and states the fact that drones and helicopters must find a consensus in using the sky for the benefit of the humanity.

The project of the rescue platform is a vehicle for transporting a team of rescuers and the drone itself, designed in the form of a standard car trailer 6.5 meters in length. In the transport position, the rotors and water landing buoys are in the closed position and do not interfere with transport on public roads. After arriving at the call point, the rotors open and the device is ready to evacuate people. The special logic of the flight allows maintaining a constant horizontal position of the platform and working as an air lift, moving people safe from a height of up to 1 km to the ground. Payload of the Ark is 450 kg with special equipment for rescue. There are two versions will available with petrol powered and with electrical powered after regulations will be ready for the eArk.

“This vehicle is a "simple working horse" for rescuing people. A rescuer dangling on a rope from a helicopter is no longer needed” – Valeriy Gorshkov, CEO of Vira Drones
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