VIRA DRONES Discovery journey to Silicon Valley

VIRA Drones, the leading UAV company based in Germany and Switzerland, recently participated in the Entrepreneurship Discovery Expedition organized by IMD, one of the world's top business schools. The event, held from November 13 to 18, 2022, brought together entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world to explore the latest trends in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Valeriy Gorshkov, CEO of VIRA Drones, and Ilja Giessbrecht, a partner of VIRA Drones, traveled to Silicon Valley to represent the company at the event. They were joined by a team of executive IMD students, all of whom were excited to share their knowledge and expertise with other participants.

The Entrepreneurship Discovery Expedition provided VIRA Drones with an opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to a global audience. The company's heavy industrial drones, which are capable of carrying loads of up to 1000kg for as long as two hours, generated a lot of interest from other participants, particularly those in the logistics industry.

Throughout the event, the VIRA Drones team participated in a variety of workshops, discussions, and networking sessions, where they shared their experiences and learned from other entrepreneurs and business leaders. They also had the opportunity to work with IMD's full-time eMBA students and collaborate with local promising start-ups and companies from Silicon Valley.

Valeriy Gorshkov, CEO of VIRA Drones, commented on the experience, saying, "Participating in the Entrepreneurship Discovery Expedition was an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our technology and learn from other entrepreneurs and business leaders. We are grateful to IMD for organizing such a valuable event and for providing us with the chance to collaborate with other talented individuals from around the world."

Overall, the Entrepreneurship Discovery Expedition was a tremendous success for VIRA Drones, allowing the company to strengthen its position as a leader in the UAV industry and connect with other entrepreneurs and business leaders who share its passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.
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