VIRA Drones Explores Collaborative Opportunities in Graubünden's Surselva Impact Lab

VIRA Drones Explores Collaborative Opportunities in Graubünden's Surselva Impact Lab

*Schluein, Graubünden - 12.01.2023

In a recent meeting, Valeriy Gorshkov, CEO and Founder of VIRA Drones, engaged in discussions with Ralf Schlaepfer and Willi Bischofberger regarding potential collaborations and the integration of drone technologies in the picturesque regions of Graubünden, specifically in the Surselva area.

The meeting took place at the Surselva Impact Lab, a unique start-up and innovation center housed in the historic Casti Löwenberg building in Schluein. This lab, initiated and led by Dr. Ralf Conrad Schlaepfer, the Mayor of Schluein, aims to create a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs and those seeking an inspiring space for work and living.
**Surselva Impact Lab: Fostering Innovation in the Heart of Graubünden**

Situated in the midst of Graubünden, with a breathtaking view, the Surselva Impact Lab provides a one-of-a-kind concept in Switzerland. The Löwenberg building, currently undergoing revitalization, offers new spaces for startups, innovation, arts, and new work.

Entrepreneurs, both young and experienced, along with event organizers, universities, and coworkers, can find a beautiful and functional space for work, living, and relaxation. The lab provides studios, workshops, labs, and ideation spaces, fostering an ecosystem for the promotion of young entrepreneurs

Dr. Ralf Conrad Schlaepfer envisions the Surselva Impact Lab as more than just a workspace; it's an ecosystem that goes beyond the conventional "garage" startup model. The lab aims to attract entrepreneurs and investors, offering a blend of education, global reach, and pragmatic support with growth capital and experience.

As VIRA Drones continues to push the boundaries of aviation design, this potential collaboration opens new avenues for addressing the unique challenges posed by mountain regions.

The ongoing dialogue between VIRA Drones and the Surselva Impact Lab exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and community building that defines the vibrant landscape of Graubünden.

*For more information about the Surselva Impact Lab, visit Surselva Impact Lab web page.
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